2nd International English Language and Teaching Conference:

Challenges, Opportunities and Reflections in ELT 2022

General information:

Event objective:

To share experiences and improve the performance of English teaching classes in the post-pandemic period.

Topics to be discussed:

– Emerging technologies.

– Trends and modern approaches.

– Pre-service education in ELT.

– Assessment related to language, frameworks and standards.


– ELT Students

– Pre/professional EFL teachers in training

– ELT Teachers

– ELT Researchers

– ELT Scholars

– Our conference will be carried out 100% online. All talks, workshops, and recordings will be available in our LMS; the participants will answer a few questions about the talks to earn their certificates.

– Virtual: The conference will be from 2-6 pm for three days. The conference will begin on day 1 with the welcome message from the university president for 15 minutes. The other two days will have a 10-minute overview presentation of the activities.

– The Conference will begin with a presentation of the keynote speaker who will speak for 50 minutes, with a 10-minute question/answer session at the end. After the presentation of the keynote speakers, there will be two (2) simultaneous workshops for 60 minutes and then 2 hours of research presentations (8 presentations simultaneously).

– These presentations will each be 30 minutes. with 20 minutes of presentations and 10 minutes of question/ answer sessions. Day three will follow the same flow and sequence but with only (6 simultaneous) research article presenters. In addition, there will be a one-panel discussion of student experiences in PINE and community outreach projects in UNAE.

– The third day will also have 10 minutes of closing words by the PINE director.

– UNAE will issue the approval certificate of 40 hours. To earn the certificate, participants must attend Keynote presentations and talks, complete the activities in our LMS, and obtain a grade of at least 7/10.


Evelyn Almeida

Dynamic Assessment: Going beyond the numbers towards a true understanding


Diane Rodriguez

Designing and Delivering Instruction for English Learners


Turcer can

3D Virtual Worlds in Language



Information brochure

Frequently asked questions

You just need to feel out this registration form, click here https://forms.gle/W5MUUSsjgy6tDCWe6

You can send your request through this email:


You will be able to submit presentations and workshops until June 6th; posters and pre-recorded Teaching Tips until June 10th; and, full articles (to be published in Kronos) by Jun 15th.

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